For 13 seasons, Selling Houses Australia has scoured the length and breadth of Australia looking for homes which just won’t sell.

Our team of experts, filled with amazing ideas and real estate talent, then transform these houses into spectacular homes which can then, hopefully, be sold with ease!

For the new Season 14, real estate guru Andrew Winter is joined by two new faces – determined to use their skills to help desperate homeowners in need.

Interior design expert Wendy Moore joins the team, bringing a wealth of experience and passion in home design to the show. “I just can’t wait to get started,” says Wendy. “I’ve always loved practical home design that people can live in effortlessly. You don’t want to look at a home and think ‘But how do they live in that?’ and that’s exactly what I do!”

Then there’s former NRL player Dennis Scott who became a landscape designer and gardener after he retired from the sport. Running his own business from Brisbane, Dennis entered a nationwide search to apply for this role and says he can’t wait to travel the country bringing his landscape visions to life. “I grew up in regional Australia and that’s where I feel most comfortable,” he says. “I’m excited to work hard to makeover these homes and get them sold for a good price – that’s what I’m here for!”